Flight 93 Heroes - 8x10

Flight 93 Heroes - 8x10

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This painting is by Bailey an 8yr old "puppy".  She is a Catahoula Leopard/Big Heart mix.  

She originated down south and came north to adopt and rescue her mom from a busy home.  Little did we know she had a talent for art and a drive to please all around.  Some of her easygoing inspiration comes from her travels, but her more unique and cool stuff comes from her papa with an inspiration from the inner flower child.  During the Pandemic she became too stressed with all the humans around (no down time to relax) so she needed an outlet to relieve some stress so she took up a painting gig and went for it.  She loves her walks and does like the "finer things" so she had to maintain her current social standing."


You can watch Bailey create her art on YouTube here:


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