About Us

My name is Nicole O’Brien, the creator and nomad behind Unique Pl8Z and now--Operation Made.

Back in 2011 I was on a mission to create a gift for someone special. The gift needed to reflect all the wonderful times we had spent laughing, dreaming, and traveling together. A handmade art piece that celebrated the uniqueness of our journey was my vision. I created a sign using license plates from states we had traveled, and from that one gift, Unique Pl8z was born. Unique Pl8z is so much more than just license plate art. It’s a mission to hand craft custom meaningful gifts, and employ military veterans while we do it.

Unique Pl8z started off in 2011 as hobby out of my home while stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan. It has endured several moves around the country (and world) and has grown into a full time job that operates out of our manufacturing facility in Warwick, RI. The growth of Unique Pl8z has been a blessing and has provided me an opportunity to open up a gift shop in the front of our facility. The gift shop (Operation Made) is a way for me to pay it forward to the military community that has supported me over the last, almost, 10 years.

Operation Made
--brings me to recall another journey, that of a military spouse! Operation Made brings to you quality, handcrafted products - made by those who serve! With a mission to empower and encourage the military community through entrepreneurship. Operation Made provides Veterans and their families the opportunity to share and sell their handcrafted home goods and accessories through a unique artisan boutique. Photography, Wood working, furniture, home décor, fashion accessories, jewelry, clothing, pottery and much more can be found at Operation Made!

Operation Made ... by those who serve.

Encouraging entreprenuership one veteran at a time.